Dec 21, 2013

Greg Jennings Wants Matt Cassel to Return Next Season

Matt Cassel has the choice to become a free agent this off season. But one of the Vikings best players wants him to stay.

“I would love to see Matt back,” Greg Jennings said. “He’s a great guy. He’s a great leader. He has a great feel for the locker room. I think guys rally behind him.”

It's easy to see why Jennings might feel this way. In last week's 48-30 win over the Eagles, Jennings had a career-high 11 receptions, 163 yards and a touchdown for 57 yards from Cassel. Jennings could end up having a record breaking season next year if Cassel stayed and continue to have the same on-field relationship with him they have been having.

“We talk a lot – whether he’s playing or not,” Jennings said. “I talk to him more than any other quarterback in the building. That’s just the kind of relationship we had coming in. Experienced guys, so he understands defenses, knows what they’re trying to do and trying to take away. I think that helps, but as far as having more success with Matt, it’s just about taking advantage of the opportunities that you’re given.”

Matt Cassel has huge potential with the Vikings, and I definitely feel the Vikings should keep him around, and listen to Jennings. The Vikings are most likely going to pick up a quarterback in the 2014 draft, and having Cassel as a mentor to the young player would be a really smart move.

These next two games are going to be essential to see what the Vikings will eventually do with Cassel. He really needs to continue to show he is here to stay.