May 10, 2013

TCF Bank Stadium, and Vikings Come to an Agreement

The Minnesota Vikings, and University of Minnesota have reached an agreement that allows the Vikings to play at TCF Bank Stadium while the new stadium is being built.

Here's some official details of the agreement.

“The [facility] use agreement stipulates that the Vikings will reimburse the University for any required TCF Bank Stadium capital improvements, as well as all game-day operational expenses,” the team wrote in a statement. “In addition, the Vikings will pay the University a per-game rent of $250,000 for the 2014 and 2015 seasons, with minimal increases if additional seasons were to be required. The team will also share $50,000 per game in concessions, advertising and sponsorship revenue. In total, the Vikings will pay the University $300,000 per game, with a maximum of $3 million for each NFL season.

The only thing that seems a bit off in the statement is the "minimal increases if additional seasons we acquired". Now let's hope that the Vikings don't run into any delays in the construction of the stadium. It's already hard enough to have to wait three years.

But at least we have found our temporary "home". Vikings fans will still treat it like it's their turf, and cheer for the Vikings like the world depends on it.

"The Vikings will remain part of the Twin Cities region during construction of their new stadium, while proceeds will be used to enhance Gopher Athletics and invest in the fabric of our surrounding neighborhoods," University of Minnesota president Eric Kaler said in the statement.