Apr 26, 2013

2013 NFL DRAFT: Live Coverage, Day 2

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Welcome to Daily Leisure Viking's 2013 NFL Draft live coverage, Day 2! Here, you will find the latest from New York City where the draft is being held. Give your say with our new Google+ commenting. Enjoy!

6:09pm: With the No. 39 pick, the New York Jets select QB Geno Smith.

6:03pm: Manti Te'o is drafted in the 2nd round by the San Diego Chargers.

5:50pm: With the 35th pick, the Eagles select Zachary Ertz.

5:43pm: With 34th pick, the Tennessee Titans select Justin Hunter.

5:38pm: With the 33rd pick, the Jaguars select Jonathon Cypien.

5:36pm: Still so many quarterbacks. Vikings could use a better backup...

5:34pm: Clock time now seven minutes, instead of ten like yesterday.

5:33pm: Draft has begun.