Mar 9, 2013

The Percy Harvin Problems

The Vikings are really struggling when it comes to wide receivers. Losing Percy Harvin would only add to that stress, but there's a chance now that Harvin could walk.

According to recent reports, Percy Harvin wants money close to what Calvin Johnson gets. That would be over $16 million a season. Now Harvin who thinks he’s a “special” player is being a tad bit unrealistic here. The Vikings won’t pay him that. Period. Neither will any other team in the NFL because Percy Harvin just isn't worth that much.

Yes, he is a very “special” player, but not the Calvin Johnson kind of special. Sorry Percy.

Now that I've said that, we really need Percy Harvin to stay. He’s a key player to the Vikings going into next season. Hopefully, he can get his head back on straight and not demand such an outrageous salary.

But if Percy Harvin does continue to be unmanageable, I wouldn't be devastated to see him go. The draft is coming up, and the Vikings could go after other players in free agency.