Feb 3, 2013

Adrian Peterson Wins MVP, and Other Stuff From Last Night

What a great year it's been for the Minnesota Vikings. Last season, was one of the worst. This season, we went onto the playoffs! Now we just got some more good news. The Vikings have the most valuable player in the league.

Last night Adrian Peterson won MVP, Offensive Player of the Year, and Fantasy Football Player of the Year.

"It's been a long year and this is more to add on to the testimony that you can accomplish anything if you put God first and continue to work hard," Peterson said after a speechless few seconds on the stage. "A year ago a lot of people were counting me out and I'm blessed to be here."

Even though he was a bit surprised he won, he knew the MVP could be coming.

"I never made a guarantee," Peterson said. "But I had confidence and I knew I had a good chance of winning."

In his 2012 season Peterson became the second player to rush for 150 or more yards in seven games during an NFL season and had 1,019 yards after contact. He finished 2012 with 2,097 rushing yards, the second-most ever for a running back in a single season.

Congrats to Adrian Peterson on this big honor. He earned it!

Chris Carter also got his long-awaited reward and will officially be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Carter made 1,101 catches for 13,899 yards and 130 touchdowns.  He is still fourth of all time in both catches and touchdown reception, while he is tied for second with his eight Pro Bowl appearances. It's about time he's in the Hall of Fame! 

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