Dec 31, 2012

The Game that will Go Down in History

We did it. We did the impossible. The Vikings won the Packers and will advance to the playoffs!

It was the most insane, exciting, and scariest game that I have ever witnessed. It was incredible and it really goes to show everyone that anything, and I mean anything can happen in sports.

Adrian Peterson finished with 199 yards on 34 carries to surpass the 2,000-yard mark on the season and come up just short of Eric Dickerson's single-season record. Peterson needed 208 yards rushing in the game to set the mark. 

But Peterson did do one last drive that gave way for Blair Walsh to make a the 29 yard winning kick with just seconds left on the scoreboard.

I actully predicted the game might be tied and Blair Walsh would have to score the winning field goal with seconds to go in a post I made yesterday. Here's the exact words from that article:

"Blair Walsh will probably end up winning the game for us. He is a freak of nature. If there's six seconds in the game and we're tied with Green Bay, he could kick a 55 yard fieldgoal and win it for us."

Now, I wasn't spot on but I was pretty close.

Christian Ponder went 16 for 28 for 234 yards, and had three touchdowns, including one to Adrian Peterson who was wide open in the end zone. It was a sight to see.

"Everyone stayed the course," Ponder said. "There was a huge emphasis on treating each of the last four games like a playoff game, because if we were to lose one, we probably wouldn't make the playoffs. Everyone came to work and had the right mindset."

Christian Ponder needs tons of credit for this win as well. All you haters, we would not be in the playoffs if it wasn't for Ponder. I can tell you I believe that. There have been spots here and there this season where I have given up hope on him but this week isn't one of them. This was his defining game. 
The Packers were not as happy that we won. 

"We get to go back home, and the game will be different," Rodgers said. "They won't have home crowd advantage, and hopefully, that will make a difference." So it was the Metrodome that made you lose. Not that we were better then you?

I could probably make this post go on forever, but I think I got the main of what happened yesterday. It was a wild ride, but we're in the playoffs now for the first time since 2009. This game will no doubt, go down in history.