Dec 4, 2012

Percy Harvin's Injury is Worse than We Thought

Update: Percy Harvin has been put on injury reserve. He won't play anymore this season which is the worse possible thing to happen besides Adrian Peterson on the injury reserve or the Metrodome collapsing in the middle of a sold out game.

We all thought he was just suffering from a sprained ankle as previously reported. It turns out, we were wrong.

Tom Pelissero of reports that Percy Harvin actually suffered a complete ligament tear in his left ankle, which usually takes on average four to six weeks to heal completely. Harvin got hurt four weeks ago so he should be back on the field and time now.

Harvin got the injury in the third quarter of the loss to the Seahawks when a defender rolled up on the ankle. He returned to the field after getting re-taped, but the ankle gave out on multiple occasions.

The Vikings have lost two of their last three games. Could Harvin’s absence contributed to the loss’s?

Percy Harvin will try to practice again on Wednesday, and hopefully play this Sunday against the Chicago Bears. The Vikings offense especially the wide receivers need Percy Harvin’s talent going into Sunday’s game. Adrian Peterson can’t place all the points on the scoreboard.