Oct 10, 2012

Jerome Simpson With Back Issue, Sits Out for Practice.

As Vikings vs. Redskins gets closer I'm getting more and more anxious. Yet another injury on the Vikings. A couple days ago I reported that Adrian Peterson had a minor ankle sprain and should probably be back by this Sunday’s game against Washington. Let’s hope Jerome Simpson will be that lucky.

The results of Jerome Simpson's medical tests on his leg weakness are in. His leg weakness was related to something in his back, and the Vikings think treatment should allow him to potentially return to the practice field on Thursday. So there’s nothing to freak out about there.

“We found out a little bit more regarding Jerome's leg,” coach Leslie Frazier said on Wednesday. “It's more attributable to something that is going on with his back..”

With Jerome Simpson and Percy Harvin we basically have a two headed monster for wide receivers. The one thing that could hurt this team in coming weeks is a big injury with a key player like Jerome Simpson. It’s good that we don’t have to worry about that.

“We don't think it is anything long term,” continued Frazier. “We just want him to continue to go through some exercises that (head athletic trainer) Eric Sugarman and his staff will take him through today -- and we may get him back at practice tomorrow, and hopefully for sure on Friday. The good news is there is no surgery required or anything like that. It should be fine over time.”

If Jerome Simpson can really step up on Sunday, it should be an easy win over the Redskins.