Sep 23, 2012


The Vikings took the field, not being intimidated by one of the best teams in the NFL, not letting their mind wander about last weeks loss, but on winning. They really pulled through today.

Ponder threw two touchdown passes to tight end Kyle Rudolph and ran for another score to help the Vikings hand the 49ers their first defeat. 

The 49ers have beat Green Bay and Detroit in week one and two, but what team defeated them in every aspect of the game? The Vikings. It just comes to show you how good Christian Ponder and the Vikings have become. This win was in no way luck.

Christian Ponder threw a pair of touchdown passes to Kyle Rudolph and also ran for a touchdown. Ponder went 21-of-35 for 198 yards while Rudolph finished with 36 yards on five catches for the Vikings. 

Percy Harvin with a star as always with nine receptions for 89 yards. Adrian Peterson had 86 yards on 25 carries. He even ran for 20 yards in one carry which ties for his personal record. Adrian Peterson is back... end of discussion. 

But guess what? Haven't you learned by now that I can't write a post on a Vikings game without mentioning BLAIR WALSH!!! He's already set a Vikings record on his third game of his career. He's punted 50+ yard field goals for three consecutive games. The most in Vikings history.

The Vikings now 2-1 and it feels so good that the playoffs are still in reach.