Sep 9, 2012

Vikings Win 26-23: Peterson Makes Stunning Return to NFL

Vikings fans are finally remembering what it feels like to win, and Adrian Peterson is remembering what it feels like to be back at one of the best running backs in the league. But the real reason we won, BLAIR WALSH! Our amazing kicker who replaced Ryan Longwell.

Rookie Blair Walsh kicked four field goals, including a 55-yard one as regulation time expired and another one in overtime. Without his amazing 55-yard field goal, we would've lost. And without his field goal in overtime there is big chance we would've lost. So that win is totally all on Blair Walsh. Not saying the rest of our team wasn't flawless (for the most part) as well.

Adrian Peterson had 17 carries for 84 yards and two touchdowns for the Vikings, who led for most of the second half until Blaine Gabbert's 39-yard touchdown heave with 20 seconds left in the fourth quarter put the Jaguars back in front. To say the least Adrian Peterson had a stunning return to the NFL. I have both Walsh and Peterson on my Fantasy Football team and I was satisfied beyond words. 

It wasn't all great and fun though. We definitely had our downs. At first the Minnesota Vikings offense looked miserable. The D-line wasn't even blocking that well, Christian Ponder was dead awful, and Percy Harvin was out of sight. The team managed to only fall behind a little with a score of 9-0 Panthers when things started picking up.

Once the Vikings looked like they we going to win with just a minute left. But then Blaine Gabbert's got a 39-yard touchdown pass with 20 seconds left in the fourth quarter gave the Jaguars a 23-20 lead. Christian Ponder managed to get inside the field goal zone where Blair Walsh made that amazing 55-yard field goal to tie it up. 

In overtime Walsh got another field goal to make it 26-23 Vikings. The Panthers never managed to score a touchdown for field goal. Game over.

Ponder finished 20 for 27 for 270 yards, though he lost a fumble while taking a sack in the third quarter that led to one of Josh Scobee's three field goals.

The game was a real sight to see. Anyone you ask will have quite the story to tell. It was one of the best games I've ever seen. 

I'm expecting a Super Bowl after seeing this game (being sarcastic for all of you who can't tell).