Sep 9, 2012

Vikings vs. Jaguars: 5 Things to Expect

Update: Adrian Peterson has been taken off the disabled list. He's officially active! Yeah!!! Who's Excited? Please disregard Adrian Peterson and his unknown status in this post.

It's finally the kickoff to the Vikings season! FINALLY! I've had a mental clock in my head counting down the days until the opener (that clock started the day after last seasons last game).

I can't even come up with a word to describe the feeling. So the best I got is ecstatic. Also I have to put overwhelmed. Preparing for a game is a big duty. Especially if you have a blog that needs to be kept updated with all the wonderful goodies going around in the Vikings blogosphere!

And the great readers of that great Vikings blog need to know what to expect out today's game. So there's five things that you should be expecting out of today's game. 

So let's read on. Theirs more to see. After the jump is a top five list, and doesn't everyone love top ten list?
So here's what to expect...

5. Injuries. Yep. Our team is pretty fragile right now. One bad injury and our game could turn into a downhill spiral. But yes, they always happen. Hopefully none will be too bad.

4. Awesome Defense. The Vikings defense has proven worthy in the preseason games. Audie Cole is a freak of nature when it comes to football. I'm expecting at least a couple interceptions that go down for touchdowns. Harrison Smith can really get those tackles and will help the team as long as he doesn't get flagged for unnecessary roughness. I'm guessing Brian Robison has improved dramatically since last season. Then we come to Jared Allen. No doubt going to get at least ten sacks!

3. Adrian Peterson? Definitely. I know they keep on saying it's a "game time decision" but I don't buy it. Do you really expect Adrian to stand for not playing? No! He was open to full contact in practice last week and is ready to go. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think so. He definitely won't be in for the whole game, maybe not even half, but he will get chances to make a play. I'm sure of it. 

2. Christian Ponder Making Plays. Last season he didn't really even get a full training camp plus he didn't play for the first half of the regular season. This year he's been training hard, losing fat, and gaining serious muscle. He has Matt Kalil protecting his blind side. He has all the factors for a breakout season.

1. A Win. Both of our running backs will be limited to none today which evens it up a bit. Christian Ponder doesn't really have to worry as much about his blind side with Matt Kalil there (but I'm guessing we'll have at least one sack today for Ponder).  Both teams had a bad season last year, but when it all comes down the Vikings are likely to be on top.