Jul 11, 2012

DLV Exclusive Interview with Vikings 3rd Round Draft Pick Josh Robinson

Picture Courtesy of NFL.com
In the 2012 NFL Draft, the Minnesota Vikings selected cornerback Josh Robinson for their 3rd round pick. Robinson was able to take time out of his busy schedule to do a short interview with Daily Leisure Vikings. He's a great guy, and I want to thank him for this. I got to get to know him a little more, and I hope it does the same for you. Enjoy everyone!

Cole: Now that you’re a professional football player in the NFL, what’s a big thing you need to get used to?

Josh Robinson: I would say that is doing everything on your own. That’s probably the biggest thing. You have to realize that you need to take care of your own body, and eat right. You don’t have anybody in your ear, saying do this, do that. You have to do stuff of your own, and get the stuff done.

Cole:  How was the rookie symposium that aims to prepare players for life in, after NFL?

Josh Robinson: It was really good. I enjoyed it. I had the opportunity to hear some really great speakers. 
They were able to answer questions, and everything.

Cole:  How did you prepare yourself for an experience like the draft where you had no idea what was in store for you?

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Josh Robinson: You had to be patient, while also realizing you can’t do anything anymore, and you have no control of what happens. All you can do is stay positive, stay optimistic, and hope everything works out, which it did.

Cole: What has been the holdup on your contract?

Josh Robinson: I guess I’m just waiting on the right deal. 

Cole: How has it been working with big players like Adrian Peterson, and Jared Allen?

Josh Robinson: It been awesome. It everything you’ve ever hoped for. Being on the field with those, guys and, being like those guys. It’s awesome. I’m in a very blessed to be in this position, and I’m thankful to God to allow me to do these things.