Jun 19, 2012

Does Eric Sugarman Get Enough Credit?

Eric Sugarman has served as the Head Athletic Trainer for the Minnesota Vikings since 2006. There hasn't been much news lately, so I'm going to bring the accomplishments of Eric Sugarman into bright light.

For the last six months he's been helped Adrian Peterson up on his feet again. On a recovery deadline to make the 2012 season opener in September, Sugarman has managed to keep Peterson ahead of schedule without pushing him too hard and now that deadline no longer seems far fetched. 

Getting injured players better than new.That takes skill, patience, and determination. So now you can ask yourselves "Does Eric Sugarman get enough credit?" 

We seem to want to blame everyone in the Vikings organization for the bad season. Sugarman has done an amazing job at getting players back on the field to the game they love. We also need to give some credit to the amazing players we have on the Vikings who can fight through these gruesome injuries. Give some credit to the people who are doing things right on the Vikings. Better days are ahead. 

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