May 11, 2012

How Long Will The Vikings Play at TCF Bank Stadium?

On Thursday, the Vikings and the University of Minnesota finished a deal to play games at TCF Bank Stadium during the time that the new stadium is being built. 

The Viking will pay rent in the amount of $250,000 per game played at TCF Bank Stadium. 

A letter sent out by the University of Minnesota says the following, and then some.

“The Vikings may lease TCF Bank Stadium for up to four consecutive NFL seasons anticipated to start in 2013; or, they can play at the facility for all or part of one NFL season, anticipated to be the 2015 season.”

So we don't know exactly how long they would be their. Maybe four years. Construction is always hard to predict. There could be complications. Hoping it's the least amount of time as possible. I don't really like and open roof in the middle of a Minnesota winter.