Apr 12, 2012

Bryant McKinnie Has to Pay Back $4.3 Million Loan

     According to TMZ Former Viking, and current Raven Bryant McKinnie has to pay $4.3 million to Pro Player Funding. A not so nice loan company.

McKinnie reportedly took out a $4 million loan with PPF just before the NFL lockout to cover his large financial needs. It was a huge risk. PFF hates when payments aren't paid on time. Unfortunately he missed a payment last August when he lost his steady income by being released by the Vikings for being... well overweight.

A big surprise is that McKinnie had directed his paychecks to go directly from the Vikings to PPF. He didn't ever make changes to get the payment in.

PPF instantly went to the court and obtained a judgment against McKinnie ... ordering the NFL star to pay back his entire loan. Interest was also due. Totaling to $4.3 Million that McKinnie needs to pay, and he needs to find a way to pay it fast.

One question I have to ask is why do you need $4 Million to get by the next few months. We new the lockout would be done before the season started. Maybe he's living too extravagant?

Whatever the answer, I don't think it matters. We already knew that Bryant McKinnie was irresponsible.