Mar 31, 2012

Who's Your Favorite Player Signed in Free Agency?

    The Vikings got off to a really slow start in free agency, leaving fans to think Rick Spielman wants the Vikings to fall flat on their faces. Be pateint we were told. The Vikings did come through signing a total of six players including Nick Taylor, Lex Hilliard, John Carlson, Geoff Shwartz, Jerome Felton, and Zach Bowman. But who's the best of them all?

Personally, I think of Geoff Schartz with this one. We really needed a guard to protect Christian Ponder. If you want a young quarterback to grow as a player, you have got to have a good offensive line. The offensive line is really what got us last season. We'll do better this season because we have improved both the defensive and offensive line.

But I know some of you disagree with me. That's why I'm giving you all to have a chance to have your say in this. Answer the poll and tell me who's your favorite player signed in free agency. I think you'll notice the results aren't showing. That's because the results will be revealed on Saturday, April 7th! Hope you mark your calenders so you don't miss seeing if your favorite player won.