Mar 28, 2012

Adrian Peterson Takes Big Step Towards Recovering

    Leslie Frazier gave us some very good news Wednesday. He announced that Adrian Peterson will finally be ready to run this week!

Peterson suffered an awful knee injury in December that leaves many saying... "Will he be back in time for next season's opening game?"

In the NFL meetings in Palm Beach, Florida, Vikings coach Leslie Frazier gave the big news we've all been waiting for.

"Ideally, we'd love to have him back opening day," Frazier said. "That's what we're aiming for, that's what he wants to see happen, that's what we'd all love to see happen. But at the same time we'll have to be smart and just see where he is. But this is the beginning stages of running so we'll have a better gauge in one or two weeks as to what kind of progress he's going to make."

This is amazing! He's on the right track and that's what any Vikings fan wants, because without him we won't have a chance....