Oct 30, 2010

Can the Vikings win the Patriots?

    Everybody's wondering about Brett Favre and his ankle. Childress Says he's doing better, and he might be in Sundays game, but it won't really matter. He threw three interceptions in the last game plus they have other good players such as Adrian Peterson, Randy Moss, Jared Allen, and Percy Harvin. But the Patriots also have Tom Brady.
    Adrian Peterson is getting about 100 yards a game and he's almost to fast to catch. He's probably the Vikings best player!
So I do think they might have a chance to win the patriots, but I also think the Patriots could beat them to!

Oct 27, 2010

Oct 25, 2010

The first loss against the Packers in 2 years!

    Like expected the crowd booed at Brett Favre as he went to warm up on the feild, except for some cheering vikings fans spread out through out the stadium.
    The Packers went into the game with a two game losing streak. The Packers said "We've agreed to just have fun tonight". And they played a pretty good game.
    The Vikings thought they made a touchdown but after looking at video the referee decided that he did not maintain pocession of ball, when it looked like he had it the whole time he fell. Then the packers made a touchdown that they shouldn't have been a touchdown. He fell and the ball slipped out of his hands and rolled down his body as he fell and then got pocession of ball after he fell. Again the vikings thought they had a touchdown, But he had one foot out of bounce and one foot in.
    One of the packers players was reaching for ball about 2 feet away and falls down! He stayed there for a second pounding the ground then got back up.
    The game 28-24, the packers won. They haven't won the vikings for 2 years!
    After the game Childress said "Brett Favre has 2 fractures in his ankle". This game he was limping on the feild torward the end of the game. He will not need surgery.
    Hopefully they will not lose to many games after this.

Oct 24, 2010

Can Brett Favre play a successful season?

    Brett Favre had a hit to the ribs on the first play last week against the Dallas Cowboys, got planted on the turf again on the next play, and had got hit so hard in the third quarter that he felt "PRETTY CLOSE TO DEATH".
    "Quarterbacks get hit in this league", Childress said. We're paying him enough every game. He's going to get hit.
    Favre keeps getting up, but for how long? He will start his 291st game today against his former team for 16 years, the Green Bay Packers,who probably want to to pound him with hope he will crack.
    Favre isn't nearly as good at age forty-one and coming out of ankle surgery before the current season.
    The vikings say opponents are blitzing more than last season. He's been blitzed sixety-two times, or thirty-eight percent of his dropbacks according to ESPN's stats and imformation.
    Remember to watch the game tonight Vikings vs. Packers 7:20 PM, Channel 11!